Future tribe
let’s consciously form a Dunbar tribe that takes responsibility for building the new future
of transhumanism, network states, decentralization and a thriving high-tech humanity
Future Tribe is
A tribe of founders/peers who are actively building the future while developing deep relationships.
Our vision for the future is specifically transhumanism, libertarianism, decentralization and optimism for everyone. We are focused
on real results by co-creating an ecosystem
of independent coordinated initiatives, plus
a lightweight centralized organization dedicated
to building the tribe, while having fun together
and building a collective consciousness
  • Community taking responsibility for the future
    Dunbar-sized group of 100-200 people who consciously seek to bond into a socially cohesive unit around a shared, optimistic, technological and fulfilling vision of humanity’s future.

  • Doers, not dreamers
    We share not only far-mode values but dedication to working to enact those values by starting, running, funding, and working on a variety of projects and companies and organizations that cause real, rapid change in the world. We are fiercely ambitious about delivering large-scale real-world impact in the coming decades.
  • Spreading the humanitarian values of the 21st century
    We evangelize our values, ideas, and vision of the future to all other communities, network states and aligned groups, with the eventual goal of spreading these values across all of society.
  • The seed for a much larger Future Network State
    This tribe is for tight social cohesion and coordination; we are building organizations and movements to bring these ideas to the masses, such as a multi-million-person Future Network State. Our goal is to build a large new City upon a Hill community that inspires changes in how all of humanity governs ourselves.
  • A high-commitment subset of those interested in the mission
    This is a small group and we select for those who are already investing significant amounts of time, money, or other scarce resources towards these shared ends, or who are ready to start today. People who are aligned but not dedicated – we bring into the Network State, not the Tribe.
  • Diverse capabilities + backgrounds
    We are building a mix of high-power people who are brand/ capital / network-rich yet time-poor and high-energy people who are ready to dedicate massive time and energy, yet need resources. People who represent and bring to the table the diversity of humanity, while united around a common mission.
Why we are forming Future Tribe
Today humanity is at the most important crossroads in its history and someone has to step up to lead and navigate this
It’s now well-documented that technological change is rapidly accelerating across a variety of fields. Humanity is not particularly ready for such change - not ready either to minimize the huge risks or to maximize
the odds of a flourishing civilization that ends disease, aging, poverty,
war and expands to the stars.

There are many disconnected efforts to fix this, but not a cohesive
council, tribe, or movement centered around a positive, high-tech version
of the future. It is past time for the new generation of leaders, using 21st century tools to tackle 21st century challenges, to coordinate towards
a better future. For this reason, we seek to create a global, post-national group that works together across topic areas to rapidly upgrade the moral, cultural, political and economic institutions of our civilization.


You can think of the hyperdimensional vector pointed to by: crypto, decentralized, transhumanist, longevity/immortality, nanotechnology, AGI, internet-native, optimistic, kind, charter cities, network states, digital nomads, entrepreneurial, cheerful, collaborative, humble, ambitious, incentive-compatible, eco-friendliness, nature-connected, psychedelics, Burning Man, increasing positive-sumness, freedom, flexibility, post-national, make-not-take, extropian, protopia, imploitation, institution reform. All these values are quite aligned with each other, and the goal of Future Tribe is to unite

us around them.

  • Techno-optimism
    We believe that humanity's destiny is the infinite frontier of social and technological progress. We proactively work to solve the problems of technology in ways that preserve the positive benefits of tech whenever possible.
  • Libertarianism
    Not in the sense of a narrow view of morality, but rather a profound respect and dedication for norms of freedom, agency, autonomy, self-reliance and free speech against censorship and totalitarianism unless truly necessary for existential issues.
  • Benevolence
    We are building a good, dignified future for all humans and post-humans to self-actualize, including those who disagree with us. We believe win-win positive-sum games are possible with everyone, and that we should strive to benefit all.
  • Coherent pluralism
    We are united around a mission, yet very diverse, tolerant and flexible about how we get there. Victorian prudes peacefully co-existing with the polyfluid BDSM tribe.
  • Pro-sociality
    We seek deep real relationships, cohesion, harmony and friendship with each other. We think about the interests of the tribe and others in it. We support each other’s initiatives and progress because when one of us wins, we all do.
  • Joy and fun
    we do what we love with people we love, and believe that joy and fun are essential components of creativity, effectiveness and impact. When we love what we do, we enjoy it and do it well.

What Future Tribe does to build a cohesive,

effective tight-knit community

We are a tribe that is a significant source of shared identity, friendships, partnerships, creativity and fulfillment for our members, and that at the same time has real impact on the world and advancing our mission.

To build a tight-knit tribe we have:

Future Tribe Strategy 2023-2026
Mission highly relevant to target audience that no other organization credibly pursues
The transhumanist techno-optimist postnationalist message uniquely resonates with leaders in the tech industry around the world. We all have shared childhood experiences of reading sci-fi and dreaming of a tech-enabled future where humanity flourishes. Yet no major human socio-political movement exists that aims to build that future. There is a power vacuum.
Leading to the ability to recruit truly exceptional talent
This power vacuum represents a strategic opportunity to recruit passionate, aligned, wealthy and powerful leaders who are highly capable of building mission-aligned organizations and initiatives yet have no community of peers who passionately inspire and support them in doing so.
This talent is selected to foster a culture of high engagement and alignment
We make it hard to join, and thus filter only for people ready to dedicate real time and resources. Supporters who want to dedicate resources (e.g. capital or brand) yet have low engagement are involved at the Network State, outside the core group. The group frequently aligns around the mission. Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
We work in small pods on an ecosystem of practical initiatives that advance the mission
Some initiatives aim to very directly transform society (e.g. get more positive science fiction out there). Others (e.g. media interviews about the Singularity) are more instrumental and focused on establishing our early organizational, social, political, brand and financial capital base.
Pods will be very independent with light coordination
The choice of what to do is decentralized and largely focused on what the pod wants to do. The responsibility for how to execute the initiatives are completely up to the people working on them. We have processes for the rest of the Tribe to align, feedback and support specific initiatives.
The capital base resulting from early initiatives leads to a larger mission-driven Future Network State
The objective is to recruit, pool resources from, and coordinate with much larger groups of aligned people. We see the Network State model as the primary inspiration and metaphor and aim to build the first highly cohesive and eventually sovereign post-national state with millions of engaged citizens aligned around a mission to create the future.
Join us!

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