Serge Faguet

Serial tech entrepreneur

Biohacking pioneer

A serial tech entrepreneur and a prominent thinker in transhumanism and Web3
Serge is an ardent believer in transhumanism — especially as applied to biotechnology, a field in which he founded companies focused on gathering consumer-scale biomedical data in order to advance research into human longevity. He is also passionate about community-building and governance, and believes that decentralization is essential to solving the political problems that threaten humanity’s survival.

Currently, Serge is focused on combining these two missions: exploring how to build a sovereign transhumanist city-state.


  • 5x
    founder of tech, Web3 and health tech companies
  • >$100m
    raised from investors like Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Founders Fund, Softbank, Naval Ravikant and others
  • $1b
    in sales at a B2B online travel company, which Serge founded and led as CEO for 7 years

Serge is an alumnus of Cornell University, the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Y Combinator. Serge was the youngest member of his class at Stanford GSB, until he dropped out upon receiving a $4m investment in his first company, TokBox, from Roelof Botha at Sequoia Capital
Serge sees himself as a philosopher-entrepreneur. He is confident that the key to our success is a syncretic approach to innovation, where we leverage entrepreneurial ideation in the name of lasting material change, paving the way for a more comfortable and sustainable future for all humanity.

Currently, Serge is researching applications of the principles behind Web3 and crypto to build decentralized institutions, enable self-governance, and take control of our data. Above all else, he works to inspire others to discover their authentic selves through communal collaboration, leading to political action and the creation of a healthy, conscientious society.
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